"We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children"

Maintain for future generations this magnificent terroir

We want to transmit to our children these family values which are dear to us. Since 1826, the eight generations have played their part to transmit as much, or even better, than what they had received from their ancestors. The first generation bought the Château de Marmorières, the second built the “new château”, the third replanted the entire vineyard following the phylloxera crisis which ravaged the vines between 1860 and 1880.

The Marquis de Raymond-Lasbordes built the "foudres" cellar in 1901 and bought almost thirty hectares of vines from the neighboring estate. His daughter will have the La Clape vintage recognized and will become the first president of the defense union. The sixth and seventh will relaunch the vineyard by replanting grape varieties and clones more suited to the production of great wines as well as by regaining quality plots forgotten in the 19th century on the scrubland.

And the eighth generation, through Count Jehan de Woillemont, continues to maintain these values of excellence. The winery is renovated and enlarged, new technologies are installed in the vineyard and in the cellar; the vineyard extends over new terroirs with, among others, the Commanderie de Saint Pierre la Garrigue allowing greater diversity and the production of even more precise and complex wines.

Agronomy becomes a source of inspiration to put our vines in the best conditions to produce healthy and aromatic grapes. The vineyards are thus cultivated under high environmental value (HVE) and organic farming certifications with a peasant influence in respect of the astral cycles and the seasons. Our sense of effort and work well done and our humility in front of Nature help us to question our practices and thus adapt them according to the vintages. Each member of the team is involved and participates in something that gives meaning to our time on earth: developing a beverage from what nature gives us with deep respect for our environment and our customers.

Vineyards Woillemont

In 2005, at the age of 23 and after his studies, Count Jehan de Woillemont acquired the Commanderie de Saint Pierre la Garrigue

in La Clape cru located on the heights of the seaside resort of Saint Pierre la Mer. A visit to this exceptional cru, abandoned for several years, will have been enough for him to detect a terroir of immense potential and very various.

the geological study of the vineyard only confirms this potential and the immense possibilities of this cru immersed in a massif classified in 1972 and belonging to the Narbonnaise regional natural park.
He decides to devote all his time and all his knowledge acquired at the Toulouse chemistry school to it...

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